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Charming Wedding Venue – Located In Pattison Texas

Too often brides find as the time for the ceremony arrives they are frazzled and running on pure adrenaline. Rushing all day back and forth taking care of last minute detail; decorating the venue within a narrow allotted time allowed by the venue, fighting traffic to make scheduled hair appointments, fitting in lunch with her bridal party, getting makeup done often in a hotel near the venue due to the time restrictions at the venue, tending to an unending list of other issues, then finally off to dress at the venue looking refreshed and glowing for pictures on one of the most special days of her life. Refreshed and glowing... not a reality with that schedule.

Our goal is to make wedding day as relaxed and stress free as possible. We want that day to be full of beautiful memories for the bride and not a blur of activity. We have designed our venue to accommodate the needs of the bride and keep her in one spot to accomplish all she needs to do with ample time before the ceremony.

Beautiful accommodations are important and The Pattison House offers that, but ultimately what matters most at the end of the day are the memories of the day. We designed our venue with that in mind.

Come by and take a look and see how the Pattison House is unique in what it has to offer. We look forward to being part of making your day truly exceptional.

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