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Pattison House  

Having throughout my life a heart for restoration, I couldn’t help myself when I discovered this property. It had been neglected for years but I could see its potential and its location was perfect. It was tucked just far enough out of the city to feel the serenity of country but not so far out that it was a trip to get there. It had the perfect charm for a wedding venue with its 100 year old house with a wrap around porch surrounded by 100 year old oak trees and the old barn.

Knowing my husband was NOT going to see the diamond in the rough that I envisioned, I did as I do with every big decision in my life. I prayed about it. As I approached the property to see it for the first time I asked God to give me a certainty in my spirit about whether or not I should take on this project. As I arrived, literally, as I opened my car door the Methodist Church Bells across the street began to play Amazing Grace; a song that has a significant meaning to me.


Unexplainably through that, I knew without any doubt that this project was in His plan for my life.

The next step was convincing my husband to sell our beautiful home with the kitchen of his dreams that we had recently remodeled to purchase this endless..... project. Additionally, our home was only a 10-minute drive from his office. He would have to agree to a 30 minute commute each day. There was no way we could afford both our house and this place and I wasn’t sure where we would live once we acquired the property as it wasn’t habitable. Nothing about purchasing the property was convenient or made good sense. However, I was sure God had a plan and I knew we were part of that plan so I left the details up to Him. As I expected, when I found the nerve to mention my envisage to my husband, he shot it down questioning my sanity. Once again, I approached God in prayer leaving the final outcome up to Him. I was not going to be able to convince my husband to take this on; God was going to have to intercede if it was in His plan for our lives. Well.... here we are. Now Danny is more excited and in love with the property and its potential than I am myself. Owning a wedding venue and having the opportunity to use my creative talents combined with my love for restoration and the thrill of being part of making lifelong memories for families all culminated in this project. We are both so excited to play a part in making the day couples have dreamt about throughout their lives a reality. I'm thankful I can trust that God has my back in all that He has planned for my life.


We come together over morning coffee each day in prayer asking God to pour out His spirit on this place and make it a dwelling of joy, serenity, and new beginnings; as it has itself found a new beginning. We have been overwhelmed by the provision we have experienced in every detail of this restoration coming together. God has provided every time we've come to our end.

We are excited to be able to offer it to new couples and their families. We have made the effort to take care of every detail to make what is typically a hectic day a relaxed and special day. Our prayer is that The Pattison House is not just a place; but an experience.

Nothing is impossible with God. 


Trena Anderson 

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